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Ambush Tree Company was established in 1997 by twin brothers and Colorado natives, Kevin and Kelly Nilsen. With a pickup truck, a chainsaw, little money and a lot of faith we set off to pursue the American dream. Seven years later we have distinguished ourselves as one of the leading family-owned tree companies around. It is hard to imagine we’ve come this far in this short of time.

Our business philosophy is simple: Higher Standards/ Small Operation
Higher standards for our tree-care business are what set our company apart. It is the most important factor in operating our business. It’s the reason we choose to remain small to this day. Choosing to remain small enables us to provide our customers with the highest quality service possible and a better understanding of our customer’s needs. The arborist doing the estimate will also be the arborist overseeing the work performed. You will not find this kind of procedure with your larger companies. Their emphasis is on high production and usually results in a lot of shortcuts being taken leading to incorrect pruning. You can rest assured that we will take all the time necessary to prune every tree like it is our own.


Work Ethic
Tree care is one of the most physically demanding and dangerous industries. In this field there is no substitute for hard work in getting the job done. We would like to attribute our work ethic to our Norwegian heritage and upbringing by our Norwegian grandfather, Jan, who instilled in us at a young age the value of the dollar and the fulfillment of working for ourselves.

Being a small company, customers are astonished with our equipment, which is the most technologically advanced equipment in the industry; they are also astounded with the skill and accuracy of our technique. Our higher standards, work ethic, and customer service attract the best tree climbers in the world as our employees. We believe anyone who owns, manages, or cares for trees will benefit from using Ambush Tree Company.